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The words breathed out by God feed our hungry souls with soul-satisfying food that we can bank our lives on. You'll find songs and hymns here that are deeply rooted in Scripture.   

Some of these songs are direct Scripture passages and others are essentially musical cross reference studies that seek to artfully weave together verses on themes like the Trinity, Creation, the Incarnation, the Holy Spirit, the Cross, Hell and Heaven.

We hope these songs inspire you to dive deeper into Scripture for yourself and that you are always refreshed in the good news of God's undeserved kindness to us in Jesus Christ.

You are the one whom Jesus loves,

Abe & Liza 


Abe & Liza Philip are writing worship songs and hymns that are biblically thoughtful, gospel-rich, and accessible – a rare combination in any era! I’d love to see more churches benefit from their songs and their passion for God’s glory in Jesus Christ.
— Bob Kauflin, Director of Sovereign Grace Music